Thursday, 27 February 2014

On Location

Thursday 13th Feb 2014

Today was a very fun day for our group. We went with Matthew to Golborne Road and we met a shopkeeper who had lots of funny stories to tell. One of them was when people tried to steal his tables so he put a string through them so when someone tried to steal a table a bell would ring to say that someone was trying to steal it. 

Also when people were parking in his space and he got annoyed so he started to chase them away. We also interviewed Ken on the street who was telling us about his history in the area. It was really hard because the light kept on changing and we couldn’t control the wind and the drilling.

In each interview there was one person on camera, one director, one interviewer and one sound person. Every time we did an interviewer we had to go through wiffle.

It is the best thing anybody could dream of doing.

By Ihsan, Maymuna & Kiera

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