Thursday, 27 February 2014

Meeting the Reminiscence Group

Thursday 6th Feb 2014

Today we met the Reminiscence group and practiced asking questions and recording answers, it  was really exciting and fun because we got to find out what it was like to be living in Golborne a long time ago. One of the people we met was a teacher who taught in Bevington Primary School for 47 years.

We got to meet 8 different people and they all told us the answers for the questions we asked, such as how has Golborne changed through the years? One of the people we met was David Dyett who was about 86 so he could tell us about living conditions when he was a child - there was 5 people in one room and they had to share an outside toilet with the whole building!

One of them went to Colville School, his name was Eddie Adam.

Kacey & Suraya

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