Thursday, 27 February 2014

Learning to use the equipment

Friday 24th Jan 2014
Today has been a great day because we learnt how to use the camera properly, with WIFFLE. WIFFLE is what you use to set the camera properly. 

The W stands for white balance; white balance is when the person you’re filming has to put a piece of white paper on their face. Then the camera man/woman zooms into the piece of paper until you can only see white, then you have to press the white balance button so the camera can set the right colour. 

The I for WIFFLE means iris. Iris means when it is bright or dim it matters which way you want it. 

The first F for WIFFLE means focus. Focus means when you zoom into the face and and use the front ring and when you see gold dust on the face it is in focus. 

The last F for WIFFLE is framing. Framing means when you have to frame where you want to the person to be on the screen. 

The LE of WIFFLE means level of sound. Level of sound means when the sound person tells the interviewee to count to 10 in their normal voices this helps set the level of sound. That is how you do WIFFLE. 

by Fajar and Zayna

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