Saturday, 10 May 2014

Launch Screening

On Thursday 8th May 2014 the launch Screening of Wild West 10 took place at the flyover Bar under the Westway. A packed audience of 150 people attended the event which was introduced by Sally Booth, a trustee of digital:works.

Following the showing of the film the young filmmakers took the stage to receive plaudits and questions from the floor, which they handled with knowledge and no little wit!

The Mayor of the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea was also in attendance and presented the young filmmakers with a copy of the DVD of the film each and a unique presentation mug courtesy of local firm Unite & Type.

Thanks were given out to all the people that made the film possible and a reminder that it can be seen online at Many of the audience members stayed behind after the event to share their own stories and meet up with past friends.

The event was followed by a guided walk around Golborne conducted by Maggie Tyler.

Thanks to everyone for making it such a special day and please, spread the word:

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Conducting Interviews

Friday 14th Feb 2014

My group went with Matthew and Angela to the play centre building to interview John O’Malley who explained about campaigning and how he used to campaign about the housing and how people lived in small crowded rooms.

Cynthia Diaz explained about when she came to the Golborne area and how she loved her first ever job as a receptionist at a hotel in the area. Then she told us about the market and how the shops have changed over the years.

Adam Ritchie told us about how he moved into the area and how he use to meet up with his friends on different campaigns.  


On Location

Thursday 13th Feb 2014

Today was a very fun day for our group. We went with Matthew to Golborne Road and we met a shopkeeper who had lots of funny stories to tell. One of them was when people tried to steal his tables so he put a string through them so when someone tried to steal a table a bell would ring to say that someone was trying to steal it. 

Also when people were parking in his space and he got annoyed so he started to chase them away. We also interviewed Ken on the street who was telling us about his history in the area. It was really hard because the light kept on changing and we couldn’t control the wind and the drilling.

In each interview there was one person on camera, one director, one interviewer and one sound person. Every time we did an interviewer we had to go through wiffle.

It is the best thing anybody could dream of doing.

By Ihsan, Maymuna & Kiera

A History Walk

Friday 7th Feb 2014

Today we went on a history walk with the historian, Maggie Tyler, who showed us around the Golborne area, for ideas for our new documentary about the area. Firstly, we looked at the oldest shop on Golborne Road. The shop used to sell food for horses. We went to Trellick Tower, the shops on Golborne Road, Nestle factory - Canalot studios, Cobden Men’s Club -  which was opened for men who didn’t have a good education, halfpenny steps and we saw original Victorian houses in Hazelwood Crescent. She took us around the market and old shops and ones that are still around. We also passed the bridge and stopped to observe and talk about Trellick Tower and its history. I learnt that the person who built Trellick Tower was called Goldfinger.
We also saw Meanwhile Gardens. It was a factory in the Victorian times. We saw a chimney where the steam came out of it. We saw a church from the middle ages. They had to rebuild half of it because of World War 2 – a huge bomb hit it near Canalot studios. Teletubbies park was not a park it was a crescent. Near the crescent there was a beautiful pond. Maggie said it was made by a famous architect. Across the road, there was a bus station that was there in the 1960s, now it is gone, but it still says 'bus'.

By Ali, Nguyen, Razan & Hiba

Meeting the Reminiscence Group

Thursday 6th Feb 2014

Today we met the Reminiscence group and practiced asking questions and recording answers, it  was really exciting and fun because we got to find out what it was like to be living in Golborne a long time ago. One of the people we met was a teacher who taught in Bevington Primary School for 47 years.

We got to meet 8 different people and they all told us the answers for the questions we asked, such as how has Golborne changed through the years? One of the people we met was David Dyett who was about 86 so he could tell us about living conditions when he was a child - there was 5 people in one room and they had to share an outside toilet with the whole building!

One of them went to Colville School, his name was Eddie Adam.

Kacey & Suraya

Learning to use the equipment

Friday 24th Jan 2014
Today has been a great day because we learnt how to use the camera properly, with WIFFLE. WIFFLE is what you use to set the camera properly. 

The W stands for white balance; white balance is when the person you’re filming has to put a piece of white paper on their face. Then the camera man/woman zooms into the piece of paper until you can only see white, then you have to press the white balance button so the camera can set the right colour. 

The I for WIFFLE means iris. Iris means when it is bright or dim it matters which way you want it. 

The first F for WIFFLE means focus. Focus means when you zoom into the face and and use the front ring and when you see gold dust on the face it is in focus. 

The last F for WIFFLE is framing. Framing means when you have to frame where you want to the person to be on the screen. 

The LE of WIFFLE means level of sound. Level of sound means when the sound person tells the interviewee to count to 10 in their normal voices this helps set the level of sound. That is how you do WIFFLE. 

by Fajar and Zayna

A Trip to the Archives

Friday 17th Jan 2014

Today we visited Kensington Library. I felt very excited about this place. I looked at some maps, books and newspapers. Today was a a lot of fun, I liked going to the archives because it taught me about the history of my area and we saw pictures of our school and Trellick Tower. We read huge books from the past; I thought it was really interesting. We learnt many things about our area.  
By Owen & Yasin